About Us

Do you love running?! Or maybe you love someone who loves running. Well, so do we! That is why we have spent countless hours developing designs and sourcing high-quality, low-cost running-themed clothing, accessories, and other items.

Run Everywear is the brain-child of Ari, our founder. When she first became a runner herself, she was awe-struck at how wonderful the running community is. For the most part, the community is filled with the most supportive, friendly, and positive-minded individuals. It’s truly amazing how something so simple (running) can bring people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles together and then turn them into the most supportive and loyal cheerleaders you’ve ever had. After experiencing this firsthand, Ari felt inspired to spread that love to an even greater degree...

Run Everywear’s Mission

Run Everywear aims to motivate, inspire, support, and cheer on as many runners as possible in as many ways as possible, including, but not limited to: 

  • Unique designs in a wide range of the highest quality products.
  • Customer centric support that is fast, friendly, and efficient. 
  • Maintaining competitive prices to the best of our abilities. 
  • Last but not least, Giving Back (click the link for more info on how we do this).
  • Social media content that doesn’t just include beautiful photos of our products, but is also sprinkled with fun running facts, running tips, and bits of motivation to help inspire your goals. We’re active on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Why Choose Run Everywear? 

When you shop with us, you’ll experience the Run Everywear difference. We are focused on developing unique designs and products that inspire, motivate, and bring joy. One of our most popular products, Runner (script) Unisex T-shirt is a fantastic example of this with it's uniquely elegant design that subtly flaunts your favorite passion. From the Runner Collection to our Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (running skeleton) Collection to our aptly-named Badass Runner Collection, we have you covered!

But one-of-a-kind products isn’t just all we do: We strive to combine competitive pricing with fantastic customer service. We have slashed the prices on products as low as we can, ensuring you get a fantastic deal - while offering fast, efficient, and friendly help! 

So, if you have any questions, please just contact us today at hello@runeverywear.store and one of our team members will reply to you ASAP.

Buy from #RunEverywear today, and gain a brand new cheerleader, all while you get motivated and achieve your goals!